November 29, 2004

Sygate On-Demand Protects Against Exposure Created By Popular Search Engine’s Caching Capabilities

FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sygate Technologies today announced that Sygate On-Demand software ensures that information encrypted in its Virtual Desktop module can not be viewed using Google Desktop Search. As enterprises increasingly expand network access to include business partners, suppliers, customers and employees connecting from home computers, the biggest concern in providing expanded network access is the leakage of proprietary or private corporate information from these "endpoints," and to protect their corporate network from viruses or worms. The Sygate On-Demand product enforces the security compliance of these devices and creates a secure Virtual Desktop to ensure safe access to proprietary or private information and applications.

It was discovered recently that when Google Desktop Search automatically indexes and copies documents to its cache it creates a potential security vulnerability. Sygate eliminated this vulnerability by creating an upgrade to Sygate On-Demand's Virtual Desktop module, which prevents Google Desktop Search from seeing files managed in the Virtual Desktop. Sygate also provided an enhancement to its Host Integrity module that gives administrators the option to restrict SSL VPN access to endpoints running Google Desktop Search. Leading SSL VPN vendors including Array Networks, Aventail, Juniper Networks and Netilla Networks leverage Sygate On-Demand's Virtual Desktop and Host Integrity checking to deliver best-in-class endpoint protection for SSL connections. With this upgrade, immediately available for download, customers of Sygate and its SSL VPN partners can use Google Desktop Search without risk of compromise.

"Juniper Networks' Endpoint Defense Initiative provides an extensible framework by which Juniper Networks and leading technology partners such as Sygate can nimbly address customers' endpoint security needs," said David Flynn, vice president of products, Security Products Group, Juniper Networks. "A best-of-breed architecture comprised of Juniper Networks' SSL VPN and Sygate On-Demand enables joint customers to deploy secure remote access with multiple layers of endpoint security to address all manners of connectivity scenarios. Juniper Networks customers have immediate access to the latest Sygate release with Google Desktop security, which can be downloaded through our SSL VPN's server-side API."

"Sygate's rapid response in regards to Google Desktop Search caching enables Netilla to continue to provide our customers and their remote users with the assurance that the session data remains truly secure and protected from unauthorized access," said Reggie Best, president and CEO of Netilla Networks, Inc. "We'll continue to work closely with Sygate to ensure that Virtual Desktop, combined with Netilla's own safeguards, provides the comprehensive client integrity that our customers need."

Sygate On-Demand allows companies with little control over third-party owned computers to ensure compliance with corporate security policy before allowing access to enterprise resources, enabling them to aggressively use web-based applications without compromising network integrity. Sygate On- Demand verifies the security integrity of a device, creates an encrypted Virtual Desktop, and then erases the data from the system upon termination of the session.

"By integrating Sygate's market-leading technology into Aventail Secure Desktop, we are able to offer our customers improved productivity with maximum security for SSL VPN sessions in un-trusted environments," said Sarah Daniels, vice president of product management and marketing, Aventail. "We will continue to work closely with Sygate to ensure network administrators can maintain full control when an end user is utilizing Google Desktop Search with Aventail Secure Desktop, which thoroughly encrypts and erases all data viewed during the SSL VPN session."

"We have received the Virtual Desktop patch from Sygate and it has already passed our preliminary testing," said David M. Lynch, vice president of marketing, Array Networks. "We will release it to any affected customers immediately. We will continue to test this solution for full validation and incorporate it into our general availability release for December 1. We are delighted with the rapid response from Sygate to this issue and believe that there is little negative impact to our SP and SPX SSL VPN customers."

"The good news is that by using the Virtual Desktop, Sygate On-Demand protects documents from Google Desktop's prying eyes," said John DeSantis, Sygate's CEO. "This allows our SSL VPN partners to ensure comprehensive endpoint security for their customers so that end-users can safely embrace innovative technologies such as Google Desktop Search."

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