November 29, 2004

Intradyn Adds ‘Live’ Exchange(TM) and SQL Server(TM) Backup to RocketVault(TM) SMB Backup Appliance

ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Intradyn announced today several important enhancements to its award-winning RocketVault(TM) data backup and archiving appliance for small to midsized businesses (SMBs), as part of a broad version 2.1 upgrade. The product is particularly aimed at the exploding market of Microsoft(R) Small Business Server users.

The RocketVault(TM) is an automated, unattended data protection solution. The user simply plugs it in, does a one-time setup, and the backup and archiving appliance runs itself. It is specifically designed to address today's growing concerns about secure protection of mission-critical business data, which increasingly includes even the smallest of businesses. (For more information about the product, please see: )

"Most companies today never shut down their mail and database servers -- ever," said Gary Doan, Intradyn's CEO. "They're increasingly running their businesses 24 by 7. They can't take their servers offline -- they must have active or 'live' backup. And the latest version of RocketVault(TM) gives them exactly that. The process is painless -- no human intervention required."

The version 2.1 upgrade of the product adds remote backup of Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server data to the RocketVault's capabilities via the use of an optional agent of Intradyn's BackAgain(TM) data protection software for Microsoft Windows(TM). This feature facilitates offsite disaster recovery of this mission-critical business data. Both Exchange and SQL Server are being increasingly used by small and midsized firms.

The new version also incorporates a new step-by-step startup interface or wizard, called "Hot Start." This feature further facilitates the configuring of backup and restore operations, hiding even more complexity from the user in the setup process. "The device was already easy to use," said Doan. "Now we've made it even simpler, for literally any non-technical person."

Matt Linder, managing partner of Essential Solutions, Van Wert, Ohio, and an Intradyn reseller, commented: "It's all about process -- improving backup -- applying the principles proven in large-enterprise data protection systems. Smaller businesses have the same needs to protect their data and minimize downtime. RocketVault is a natural to sell with Microsoft Small Business Server. I don't know of an easier, more painless, more affordable backup solution to recommend to my SMB customers."

Growth of Microsoft Server Software in the SMB Market

The market for Microsoft's Small Business Server(TM) has been growing rapidly, according to the Yankee Group. In study results it reported in August 2004, the research firm said fully 86% of the small and midsized businesses it surveyed either use the latest version of the server bundle (2003) or are planning to deploy it. That's twice the number of the earlier version of Small Business Server (2000). Microsoft thus owns this SMB market, according to Yankee Group, with only 11% saying they were using or planning to deploy any Linux server software, and only 3% Novell's Small Business Suite. Because Intradyn's RocketVault(TM) backup appliance was specifically developed to meet the needs of the SMB market, it is a perfect companion to Microsoft Small Business Server, though the latter is not required for it. It can also back up Exchange or SQL Server independently, and supports other operating systems besides Windows that can be present in SMB environments -- including Mac OSX, Linux, and Unix, with SMB/CIFS.

"Managers of small businesses typically need as good a set of IT services as their larger competitors, but they have little or no IT staff to support an elaborate IT infrastructure," said Mike Karp, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "The RocketVault is inexpensive to buy, sets up in minutes, and takes no effort to administer. An IT system that is easy to buy and that essentially runs itself will prove to be a compelling argument for any manager of a small businesses who wants to manage the businesses and let IT take care of itself."

RocketVault(TM) Benefits and Restore Capabilities

The main benefits of the RocketVault(TM) Backup & Archiving Appliance for small to midsized businesses can be summarized as follows:

-- A single, all-in-one solution -- a true appliance, with no integration


-- Disk-to-disk backup technology does away with the unreliability of


-- An automated solution that requires no human intervention after a

simple setup -- eliminating many backup problems or shortfalls due

to human error.

-- Does active or "live" backup -- no system shutdown necessary.

-- Provides both onsite and offsite backup, with AES 256-bit encryption.

-- Easy to use and affordable.

As with any backup technology, the capability to restore is the main point. The RocketVault(TM) appliance, in its latest version 2.1 iteration, covers the gamut of restore capabilities:

-- Full restore for disaster recovery purposes - for example, an entire

Exchange Server mail store, or a full SQL Server database.

-- Instant file restore, at network speeds, of any file on any computer

in an entire company.

-- Mailbox-level restore in Exchange -- any mailbox in a company's


-- And even individual message-level restore in Exchange.

Other Version 2.1 Enhancements

Additional features incorporated by Intradyn into version 2.1 of the RocketVault(TM) appliance, all based on customer feedback, are support for multiple language character sets, including Western and Eastern European, Greek, and Russian; the ability to set worldwide time zones for remote backup; support for multiple file systems; and additional monitoring tools for those RocketVault(TM) units with RAID drives.

Pricing and Availability

General availability of Intradyn's new version 2.1 RocketVault(TM) Backup & Archiving Appliances is immediate. MSRP pricing ranges from $1495 for the smallest unit, with 240 GB of local archive capacity, to $22,995 for the largest 2U rackmount model, with an archive capacity of 4 TB. These prices are all-inclusive -- that is, all hardware, software, and unlimited client and server license. There are no additional integration costs.

About Intradyn: Intradyn Inc. is a software firm with a broad portfolio of data protection and preservation appliances and software solutions, offering enterprise-class functionality at prices affordable to small and midsized businesses (SMBs). Founded in 2001 and based in Eagan, Minnesota, Intradyn designs its products to address the key issues facing smaller businesses today: IT complexity and affordability. It originally introduced the RocketVault(TM) Backup & Archiving Appliance in July 2003, and later that year won a "Best of the Tests" award from Network World magazine. The company's other products include (1) the BackAgain(TM) family of data protection software for Windows environments, used by small to midsized businesses worldwide to provide robust data protection and disaster recovery, including live Exchange and SQL Server backup, at price-points smaller firms can afford, and (2) the ComplianceVault(TM) Email Archiving & Retrieval Appliance, for helping companies affordably comply with such rules as the SEC's email retention and availability regulations. The company sells its products both in the U.S. and internationally through a growing network of resellers and partners, now numbering more than 70. For more information, please visit , or call 651-203-4600.

Note: Intradyn(TM), RocketVault(TM), BackAgain(TM), and ComplianceVault(TM) are trademarks of Intradyn Inc. Microsoft, Windows, Small Business Server, Exchange, and SQL Server are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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