November 29, 2004

TranSwitch Releases EtherMap-12 for Sampling; Ships Chips to Lead Customers; New Device Facilitates Seamless Migration to Carrier Grade OC-12 EoS Transport

TranSwitch(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC), a leading provider of high-speed Broadband, Switching, and Transport semiconductor solutions for voice, data and video communications, today announced that it has shipped certified samples of EtherMap(R)-12 to lead customers for development and system testing. With the release of EtherMap-12, TranSwitch is the semiconductor vendor with the most comprehensive portfolio of optimized Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH (EoS) solutions for OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48, the primary optical networking standards for access and metro.

EtherMap-12 is a highly integrated device with four times the traffic-handling capacity of EtherMap-3. TranSwitch scaled the EtherMap-3 design from OC-3 to OC-12 bandwidth by using state-of-the-art 0.13 micron CMOS technology. The release of EtherMap-12 brings several advantages to TranSwitch customers:

-- The basic mechanisms and architecture for Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS), GFP, etc., are nearly identical to those in the EtherMap-3. The device therefore has benefited from years of testing of the EtherMap-3 by numerous customer labs and in carrier field trials worldwide. As a result, equipment design engineers are working with a proven entity.

-- EtherMap-12 incorporates all the refinements and additional features of the EtherMap-3 Pt, many based on customer requests. Also like EtherMap-3 Pt, EtherMap-12 has the lowest latency of any Ethernet mapper product available today.

-- Equipment design engineers, who are familiar with the EtherMap-3, will find it easy to design with EtherMap-12. TranSwitch provides a comprehensive device driver with common API functions between EtherMap-12 and EtherMap-3. This translates into lower development costs and faster time-to-market for customers.

EtherMap-12 incorporates additional unique capabilities beyond EtherMap-3 Pt:

-- EtherMap-12's robust high and low order path processing with internal cross connect provides powerful protection, performance monitoring, loop-back and diagnostic capabilities. These are valuable features for carrier-class applications. It also provides flexibility in data path grooming. For instance, it enables "drop and continue" mode which is necessary for multi-cast video distribution.

-- Its Virtual Port Mode (VPM), developed in collaboration with a major Tier-1 customer, is a unique Layer 2 feature used in conjunction with external Ethernet switches or NPUs allowing tag or label-based forwarding of Ethernet frames toward specific SONET/SDH virtual concatenation groups (VCGs) for enhanced traffic management. Each Ethernet session can be individually flow-controlled or back-pressured to the switch/NPU so that the Layer 2 rate limiting aspects can be carried forward and exercised in the EtherMap-12.

"TranSwitch's VPM is user-definable and very powerful in terms of using various header fields for differentiation and forwarding of frames," said Robert Schwaber, product marketing manager for TranSwitch. "It is a programmable approach that can use VLAN tags, MPLS labels or any other fields in the packet header for selective prioritization and routing of traffic; this gives carriers the flexibility to deliver differentiated services based on class of service (CoS)."

Since EtherMap-12's debut at Supercomm, TranSwitch has been collaborating closely with a number of current EtherMap-3 customers to assist in their OC-12 migration efforts by providing board design optimization and application support for their software system integration efforts.

EtherMap-12 is furnished with a comprehensive API-based device driver, BSDL file, evaluation kit, IBIS model, and extensive documentation. The device is packaged in a 580-pin 27mm x 27mm Ball Grid Array (PBGA) and is available for general sampling. Pricing is under $285/unit for sample quantities.

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