November 29, 2004

Xtera’s Nu-Wave Enables Unrepeatered Submarine Transmission Over 400 Km With No Remote Optical Amplifier

DALLAS, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Xtera, a supplier of latest-generation optical networking transport solutions for long-haul and ultra long-haul applications with abundant high-quality bandwidth, has used its patented and already proved-in all-Raman technologies to offer an innovative, low-cost, high-density and high-reliability unrepeatered submarine solution.

Xtera's unrepeatered Nu-Wave product comes in three configurations, with each configuration optimized to provide the best performing, most economical solution for the specific application:

-- Nu-Wave ES (Extended Span) Enhanced terrestrial Nu-Wave system

optimized for spans up to 50 dB of


-- Nu-Wave LS (Long Span) Additional amplifier enhancements to

support longer spans;

-- Nu-Wave XLS (Extra Long Span) Forward Raman pumping to achieve an

additional 6 dB of span performance,

extending the system capability up to

75 dB.

Nu-Wave ES/LS/XLS configurations are directly derived from the mature and proved-in terrestrial technology already in service in the longest all-optical link deployed to date in Europe (1,760 km FLAG Telecom FA-1 backhaul network).

The Nu-Wave ES/LS/XLS scales from 10 to 600 Gb/s of capacity in less than one 7-foot rack, offering industry leading space and power efficiency. The system capacity can be made of 2.5- or 10-Gb/s, SONET or SDH client signals. The Nu-Wave ES/LS/XLS supports applications on various types of fibers, including G.652 (SSMF), G.653 (DSF), and G.654 (PSCF) fibers. Because of its large 100-nm optical bandwidth, Xtera's solution enables optimal allocation of channel wavelengths with respect to the zero-dispersion wavelength of the fiber. For example, placing the wavelengths around 1600 nm makes G.653 fiber behave as non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber with negligible degradation due to nonlinearities.

Advanced per channel optical monitoring enables performance degradations to be identified and isolated prior to traffic being impacted. Furthermore, the Nu-Wave ES/LS/XLS provides outstanding availability an order of magnitude better than published figures for competing products. Xtera's powerful optical monitoring capability and exceptional equipment reliability are key enablers for resilient optical networks delivering high-quality, high- availability bandwidth services for business-critical traffic.

Considering real-world beginning of life cable attenuation and aging- repair margin figures, Xtera's unrepeatered solution offers the capability to span today more than 400 km over a simple, passive optical cable, with no submerged equipment such as a remote optical amplifier. In addition, Xtera's unrepeatered solution enables "hybrid" configuration where 2 or 3 long spans in the range of 200 km are interconnected by optical add-drop multiplexers (OADMs), eliminating the back-to-back terminals in festoon network landing points.

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Xtera Communications supplies innovative optical transport solutions for long-haul and ultra long-haul applications as well as unrepeatered submarine applications. Using patented all-Raman technologies, Xtera delivers the industry's only actual Wide Reach(TM) DWDM transport solution. Xtera's solution offers abundant high-quality bandwidth and competitive advantages in flexible networking. The resulting dramatic reductions in CapEx and OpEx create new business opportunities for carriers with higher and faster profitability. Recent news releases and further information are on Xtera Communications' website at: .

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