November 30, 2004

Asigra Expands Availability of Televaulting Backup/Recovery Software Through the Channel; Signs More Than 30 Companies to Its Assurance Reseller Program in Three Months

Asigra, the technology specialists in distributed backup and recovery software for network computing, today announced that its powerful and innovative Asigra Televaulting software is shipping in volume through a network of resellers across North America.

Asigra's launch of the Assurance Reseller Program has attracted more than 30 channel partners interested in selling the Asigra Televaulting software either directly to their customers or as a storage service utility with recurring revenue based on the amount of data being managed. This unique dual-choice sales option has rapidly expanded Asigra's presence in the distributed backup and recovery segment of the enterprise data storage market.

"The response by the reseller community for the Asigra Televaulting solution has been quite staggering," said Ron Roberts, President of BluPointe DRS, Asigra's first North American distributor and point of contact for its Assurance Reseller Program. "Asigra's solution fills a void where many other data storage companies have failed to venture. Resellers have quickly realized the benefits of adding this centralized backup and restore option to their storage offerings because customers are in need of just such a protection scheme without the expense and complexity of traditional backup and recovery systems. As the saying goes, build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door."

"Asigra fills a vacuum for backup and restore solutions that protect the entire business, including the remote office," said Bobby Thomas, Vice President of Carotek Inc. "The Televaulting software is ideal for ensuring the availability of mission-critical information across geographically dispersed locations, including servers, desktops, laptops and home-office PCs."

Asigra Televaulting is agentless multi-site backup/recovery software that combines utility service provisioning with a disk-based, WAN-optimized architecture to shatter the limitations of traditional distributed backup software. Asigra Televaulting provides grid-based performance and capacity scaling for virtually unlimited data growth, allowing the software to support any backup load. Asigra eliminates many storage pain points through technology that is designed for enterprise-wide centralization, built from the ground up to perform on a global level. It is tested and certified compatible by leading infrastructure providers, not to take the place of data center backup software, but complement it for remote sites. Business benefits that differentiate Asigra's offering from other backup solutions include true regulatory compliance, reduction in worldwide IT management expenditures, compounded reduction of hardware/software capital and enterprise-wide license costs, a pay-as-you-grow pricing model and the highest level of assurance that all company data is protected.

About Asigra

Founded in 1986, Asigra is the specialist in distributed data backup and recovery solutions for network computing. With Asigra's Televaulting software, enterprises can reliably protect mission-critical information across all their geographically dispersed "data islands," whether they reside on servers, desktops or laptops. The privately held company is based in Toronto. For more information, contact Asigra at 416-736-8111 ext. 101 or visit the company's website at