November 30, 2004

Optical Solutions Lands 24th IPTV Customer; United Telephone of Tennessee Will Deploy IP Triple-Play With GPON

FTTP and IPTV market leader Optical Solutions Inc. today announced that United Telephone Company of Chapel Hill, Tennessee, has elected to deploy next-generation entertainment and communications services using Optical Solutions FiberPath(R) gigabit Ethernet PON.

United, an independent with 16,000 access lines, is well-positioned to deploy its FTTP network. Since 1988, the independent has been fortifying its tri-county service network with multiple fiber rings to accommodate the area's expansive growth. United's service area is the fastest-growing in Tennessee, fueled by high-tech expansion in the east, fast-growing lake resorts in the south, and the spreading suburbs of Nashville in the north.

"The deeper we pushed fiber into our access network, the more economical FTTP became," said Herb Bivens, general manager at United Telephone and past chairman of OPASTCO. "We had been running fiber to a remote node to deliver ADSL and VDSL, but with the distance of the PON we've eliminated the need for active nodes in our network."

United will deploy FiberPath in four new subdivisions, passing more than two thousand homes. The carrier is offering a premier line-up of services, including state-of-the-art IPTV, data speeds up to 50 Mbps, and multiple voice lines.

Nationwide, United Telephone is one of two dozen operators deploying IPTV with FiberPath. Bivens pointed to Optical Solutions' leadership as a primary reason. "I wanted a product that works, and is available today," he said.

Optical Solutions' FiberPath 500 is a complete ITU FSAN-compliant equipment and networking solution featuring Ethernet gigabit technology. FiberPath 500's gigabit passive optical network (GPON) offers unsurpassed bandwidth capacity and supports seamless migration from analog services to all-digital IP-based services.

"By introducing FTTP, United is making a strong statement of their commitment to providing the most advanced services available to their expanding customer base," said Mike Dagenais, president and CEO of Optical Solutions Inc. "Moreover, with the strategic advantage of deep fiber in their access network, United achieves both an exceptional business case for FTTP and an easy transition to IP-based services."

About Optical Solutions

Optical Solutions Inc. is driving the gigabit passive optical network (GPON) evolution with its FiberPath(R) 500 fiber to the premises (FTTP) solution. FiberPath 500 incorporates GPON for community. Optical Solutions leads the market with more than 60 percent of the installed base of PON systems in North America. These systems are fully operational and generating revenue. Optical Solutions' customers are facilities-based service providers, including independent telephone companies, competitive and incumbent local exchange carriers, utilities, municipalities and housing developers. For more information, please visit: