November 30, 2004

Pacific Digital’s SATA HBA Delivers a Gigabyte Per Second

Pacific Digital Corporation announced today that a configuration of its new QMaster SATA RAID HBAs in a single server achieved an unprecedented 1 Gigabyte per second sustained data transfer rate.

In testing, the system achieved 1.07 Gb/s reading data, and 1.05 Gb/s writing. This matches performance that in the past has required multiple FibreChannel links and expensive external RAID systems. A mixed mode benchmark was also performed, with 535 Mb/s simultaneously on both read and write.

Random read and write operations are also noteworthy, producing 5,709 IOPS writing and 5,234 IOPS reading. This level of performance is significant for database operations.

"We are proud to announce that we are the first to achieve this level of performance with SATA. We clearly have a hot product. This opens up a new vista of low-cost, high-performance storage solutions," said Tony Tate, VP of Sales and Marketing at Pacific Digital. "Video-editing and high-throughput servers no longer need to rely on expensive external RAID solutions for the performance they require. The beauty of the PDC solution is that we have versions of the QMaster HBA and the QStor chip that allow the highest storage performance for every user from the desktop all the way through high-end workstations and servers."

The QMaster SATA RAID HBA incorporates Pacific Digital's new QStor 3Gb/s-ready SATA II RAID ASIC. HBA configurations include both 4 and 8 port versions. The QStor ASIC model SC4300R10 incorporates RAID acceleration in hardware as well as Tagged Command Queuing, Native Command Queuing, and DMA also in hardware.

The test configuration consisted of four of Pacific Digital's new QMaster SATA RAID HBAs and 16 disk drives on a single processor system. Details of the test are available on request from Pacific Digital.

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