December 1, 2004

Ericsson to Distribute Warner Music Tones

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Looking to expand its offerings to European consumers, Warner Music International and Telefon AB Ericsson said Wednesday they plan to start distributing some of the label's artists music via mobile phone in Europe.

Using Ericsson's mobile music service M-USE, Warner International will be able to distribute some of its most popular artists in as many as 28 markets in Europe, through traditional ring tones, as well as artist logos, autographs and ring tones based on original recordings.

"Warner Music has a very impressive lineup of artists and together with our customers, we will make Warner's music available to mobile consumers throughout Europe," said Hans Vestberg, senior vice president of Ericsson's global services unit. "Ericsson experiences very high demand for our mobile music service M-USE, and with the addition of the great content and promotion opportunities Warner brings to the table, we expect the demand to increase even further."

For Warner, which is part of Warner Music Group, it's a chance to expand its artist roster into new markets, including logos that users could download to use as the background picture on their screen or ring tones that sound similar to a band's latest single.

"We see tremendous potential in the mobile sales channel and in Ericsson we have an ideal partner to help us maximize this opportunity internationally," said Jay Durgan, senior vice president for strategic partnerships and business development with Warner Music.

Warner Music content is already available through M-USE in Austria and Sweden, but the new agreement will expand throughout most of Europe.

M-USE is part of Ericsson's managed services hosting offering, a process whereby Ericsson and various mobile operators work together to market new services to subscribers.


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