December 1, 2004

CC Communications, a Leading IOC in Nevada and Pioneer of IPTV in the U.S., Goes ‘Top Gun’ With Wave7 Optics for New FTTP Network

Wave7 Optics Inc., the world's leading supplier of point-to-multipoint Ethernet FTTP (fiber-to-the-premises) systems for residential and business services, today announced that CC Communications of Fallon, Nevada will deploy Wave7's Last Mile Link (LML) fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) equipment for all new broadband connections beginning in January 2005.

Fallon is a major farming and ranching community in northern Nevada, the county seat for Churchill County, and also the home of Fallon Naval Air Station and the famous "Top Gun" Naval Fighter Weapons School.

CC Communications will use the LML to offer the complete triple play of voice, data and video services, featuring one of the most advanced IPTV offerings in the U.S.

"We have been using DSL for broadband connections, but need a more robust and capable technology to meet the needs of our customers going forward, especially when one considers mega-bandwidth services such as HDTV," said Bob Adams, General Manager of CC Communications. "Wave7 offered the best FTTP economics we've seen, from both an opex and capex perspective, compared to other FTTP systems and DSL. Therefore, we are doing all of our green fields with the Last Mile Link going forward, with the first homes online in mid-January, and we will eventually retrofit our recent DSL connections with fiber."

CC Communications currently has more than 13,000 residential and business access lines and a green fields growth rate of six to eight percent per annum. Fiber optic related capital improvements have exceeded $1.5M over the last two years.

"Unlike other FTTP access equipment, the Last Mile Link system supports and uses IP multicasting to minimize the bandwidth used by individual IP video streams, which maximizes the bandwidth available for IP video services, such as bulk IP video delivery to multiple subscribers," said Tom Tighe, CEO of Wave7 Optics. "Furthermore, the Last Mile Link provides high data rates and precise quality-of-service features. Combined with support for the IGMP multicasting protocol right to the edge of the network, these features provide for a superior IPTV experience for subscribers and unprecedented capabilities and control for the service provider. We are excited to be deploying the Last Mile Link with one of the most innovative communications companies around."

About CC Communications

CC Communications (formerly Churchill County Telephone) was founded in August 1889 and is owned and operated by Churchill County, Nevada. As of 2003, CC Communications ranked 116 in size out of 1,324 independent telephone companies. CC Communications has more than 100 employees and a current capital network investment of more than $32M.

About Wave7 Optics

Wave7 Optics has established itself as an industry leader in optical broadband access systems with an expanding FTTP product portfolio featuring a variety of architectural options, based on Ethernet and IP or ATM standards, for "triple play" voice, video and data services. The company's patented Last Mile Link system is rapidly gaining market share around the world with service providers in the IOC, CLEC, MSO, municipal, real estate development and utility categories.

Additional information about Wave7 Optics is available on the web at or by contacting Emmanuel Vella at [email protected]