September 24, 2007

Global Mobile Technologies Launches Push-It Alert, the First Real-Time Delivery System of Any Internet Content to Mobile Screen

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- At DEMOfall 07, Global Mobile Technologies today announced the launch of Push-It Alert, an open system that is the first to deliver rich Internet content in real-time to any data-enabled mobile screen. It dynamically formats content for each phone model, through virtually any carrier, virtually anywhere in the world, using an innovative technology that uses the mobile phone's standard data connection.

Simplifying the way that users get and view data on their mobile phone, Push-It Alert eliminates the complex steps used by other technologies by automatically pushing rich Internet content right to the screen.

Push-It Alert delivers any online content - email, instant messaging, RSS feeds, video, Web pages, advertisements, blogs, animations, audio, graphics or rich text - with "click-through" and "call-through" capabilities. It bypasses the need to re-write Web pages into WAP or XML, as these mobile technologies fail to provide a useful and acceptable user experience. According to the March 2007 report from Online Publishers Association, the biggest sources of dissatisfaction for mobile Internet users are slow response time and complex site navigation.

"Finding an easy way to bring the Internet to the mobile phone has been a huge challenge," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO Conferences. "Global Mobile's Push-It Alert solves the painful problem of Web browsing on a mobile phone. It delivers all data to the users' mobile phone in real-time, and lets them reply easily and immediately. Push-It Alert takes the difficulty out of mobile data access."

Now, content publishers can simply and effectively move Web content right onto the mobile screen, including rich media advertising. The mobile user must opt-in to receive alerts, and only user-authorized content will be sent to the phone.

"Push-It Alert solves awkward mobile phone browsing by bringing the Web to the user, instead of the other way around," said Michael Dobbs-Higginson, Co- founder and Chairman of Global Mobile Technologies. "It is a radically new technology which literally 'mobilizes' the Internet and online media, personalizing the Web and freeing subscribers from their desktop computers."

Utilizing a secure, instant and direct connection to the user, Push-It Alert e-mail delivery does not rely upon polling systems as do other mobile e- mail systems. E-mail and content arrives directly on the mobile phone screen with a ring-like alert.

The Push-It Gateway also verifies all pre-authorized data prior to it being pushed to the user's phone, thus shielding mobile users from spam, viruses or unauthorized content. Any Internet connected server can initiate an alert, as it works with existing content management systems, advertising engines, Web-based services and legacy enterprise applications.

   Push-It Alert Beta testing will begin in November 2007.    About Global Mobile Technologies  

Global Mobile Technologies Pte., Ltd. (GMT), is the developer of Push-It Technologies, a suite of new mobile device and computing software designed to enable real-time and secure delivery of any Web content to any Internet enabled mobile phone. GMT is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States and the Philippines. For more information, go to

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