September 25, 2007

Soma Management LLC Announces the Launch of SomaGirls.TV Network

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Soma Management LLC, a digital media and entertainment company that produces lifestyle channels for young women around beauty, fashion, health, travel, luxury, entertainment, teens and kids, announces the launch of the SomaGirls.TV Network.

SomaGirls.TV mission is to provide advertisers with premium exclusive content and next generation advertising models as convergence and multi-platform opportunities achieve critical mass.

SomaGirls.TV Network will enable advertisers to reach the millennial woman (females 12 to 24 years old) through Broadband, Mobile, IPTV, VOD and Virtual Worlds. The network will bring advertisers a significant opportunity to communicate with and monetize an important market segment via pre- and post-roll video advertisements, sponsorships, and product placement.

"Reaching the millennial female is difficult with the media fragmentation," says EC Morgan, CEO at Soma Management LLC. "With one media buy, both brands and ad agencies can reach young girls and women across these different media platforms worldwide."

In the month of August, SomaGirls.TV did 3 million streams with 3 distribution partners (YouTube, Veoh and GoSuperModel) and will surpass that number in the month of September. With the launch of SomaGirls.TV content on the other distribution platforms listed below, the SomaGirls.TV Network projects to hit 10 million streams per month by end of the year.

The platform partners of SomaGirls.TV include Veoh, YouTube, Amazon, GoSuperModel,, Blinkx, Vuze, SheKnows, Divx, IndPlay, Bittorent, Joost, Revver, GoFish, Reeltime and BT Vision,, Netvibes. The B2B syndication partners consist of Synacor, Roo Media, ClipSyndicate, Brightcove, Voxant.

About Soma Management LLC:

Soma Management is a digital media and entertainment company that produces, aggregates, and distributes video content for broadband, mobile, IPTV, VOD and Virtual Worlds. The company is committed to the creation of fully-developed lifestyle channels and entertainment properties centered on original stories, imaginative visuals and empowering messages that inspire people. For more information please visit and

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