October 10, 2007

Choice Media Group Launches Digital Signage Network in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Choice Media Group (CMG) today announced the launch of a digital signage network in the Greater Pittsburgh area, offering a unique opportunity for local businesses to advertise, engage customers, and communicate effectively with their target audiences. CMG's network is a simple, turnkey solution that enables businesses of any size to implement digital signage quickly and affordably.

Digital Signage is an innovative communication solution that uses computer-driven flat screens to display rich media and other content to target audiences in an entertaining format. The advantages of digital signage include the ability to update content instantly and to deliver specific messages to specific audiences in specific locations at specific times.

Digital signage has been heralded by industry analysts as the fastest growing and most effective communication method available to businesses today. And industry statistics point to a trend of impressive growth over the next decade.

With its digital signage network, Choice Media Group is offering Pittsburgh businesses the opportunity to capitalize on this exciting new technology, whether they operate in the retail, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, education, or government sectors.

Upon joining the CMG digital signage network, each participant designates how many screens they wish to operate and in which locations. CMG then provides the necessary equipment and infrastructure, the creative expertise and the content management. Network participants receive all the benefits of digital signage at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, installing and operating a system of their own. The end result is the ability to broadcast pertinent information to customers, patients, students, or staff at the right time in the right location.

For more information on CMG's digital signage network package, contact Chris Thorpe at (412) 235-4090 or [email protected]

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