October 18, 2007

Cableco Technologies Announces Launch of New E-Commerce Site for PowerFlex 1000 Cable and Wire

Cableco Technologies Corporation, a business unit of Methode Electronics, Inc., announces the launch of an e-commerce, on-line store for customers to purchase the company's highly flexible, 1000 Volt, UL approved PowerFlex 1000™ cable. The new e-commerce store site, www.store.cablecotech.com, offers a wide range of wire gauges from 10 AWG to 4/0 AWG PowerFlex 1000 cable that can be purchased with credit cards (MC, VISA, AE). All products will ship within 72 hours of order placement.

PowerFlex 1000 is the industry standard for highly flexible power cable. Unlike standard cable, PowerFlex 1000 is comprised of high strand-count tinned copper wires. The high strand-count construction gives PowerFlex 1000 its remarkable flexibility, allowing a 4/0 AWG cable to literally be tied into small diameter knots. This flexibility significantly helps power connectors "float" in rack mount applications where standard, more rigid hook-up wire limits connector movement. With the PowerFlex 1000 cable, large gauge cables can be easily routed inside cabinets.

In addition to its amazing flexibility, the construction also significantly increases cable life and allows PowerFlex 1000 to carry more current than same-gauge conventional cable. Jacket material is PVC, rated at 105 degrees C and standard offerings are in Red, Black and Green. Custom jacket colors are available upon request. PowerFlex 1000 is recognized under UL10070 (600 Volts) and UL10269 (1000 Volts) providing users with a cable that offers an ideal solution for a wide range of power cable application needs.

The Cableco Technologies e-commerce store (www.store.cablecotech.com) can be accessed via the direct URL or from the Cableco Technologies main site (www.cablecotech.com) or the Methode Electronics, Inc. main site (www.methode.com).

A full-line of power cable products, including the low voltage-drop FusionLug™ termination interconnect, Parallel PowerCable and Power SwivelNut™ products are available through Cableco Technologies. (Web: www.cablecotech.com), Email: [email protected], Phone (408) 453-9500.

Cableco Technologies Corporation is a major manufacturer of cable, interconnection and custom engineered products designed for high-current power distribution solutions for computer, computer peripheral, office automation, instrumentation, telecommunication, medical, industrial and military applications. In addition to its custom solution capabilities, Cableco serves the high-tech industry with a broad line of products that includes the extra flexible PowerFlexTM cable, the Power SwivelNutTM rotating threaded nut for stranded wire cable termination, the cost effective PowerPathTM power distribution cable system, and the PowerRailTM pluggable rail power distribution system. Cableco has design and manufacturing in its San Jose, CA and Reynosa, Mexico facilities and shipping from their operations in Dallas, Texas.

Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI) is a global manufacturer of component and subsystem devices with manufacturing, design and testing facilities in the United States, Malta, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, China and Singapore. We design, manufacture and market devices employing electrical, electronic, wireless, sensing and optical technologies to control and convey signals through sensors, interconnections and controls. Our business is managed on a segment basis, with those segments being Automotive, Interconnect, Power Distribution and Other. Our components are in the primary end markets of the following industries: automobile, information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communication systems, consumer electronics, appliances, aerospace vehicles and industrial equipment. Further information can be found at Methode's website www.methode.com.