Twitter Introduces Web Analytics Product
September 15, 2011

Twitter Introduces Web Analytics Product


Twitter has announced a new web analytics service designed to track the data around the Tweet button embedded on the over 3 million websites that allow sharing by Tweeting.

Techcrunch notes that Twitter helps bring traffic to websites. With over 100 million users generating 230 million tweets daily, the company is driving much of the sharing activity on the web.

This new analytics service was born from the acquisition of BackType, by Twitter, in July 2011. BackType´s original product allowed publishers to understand the reach of their Tweets and content such as who they are reaching, and how Tweets convert to web traffic. This version of the software by Twitter is much simpler but may evolve in the future.

Twitter has a good reason for wanting to know where their Tweets go. Recently, Twitter began allowing targeted advertising through Tweets to its users, but only from brands that the user already followed. Now, they are allowing companies to advertise in user´s personal timelines regardless of whether they follow that brand.

A spokesman told the UK Telegraph, “This will be the first time that consumers will be exposed to adverts in their timelines from brands they don´t follow. Initially, we will make this feature available to a single-digit percentage of our global user base. Of this group, we will only show promoted tweets to people from advertisers relevant to their interests. We are carefully measuring how users respond to and engage with these Tweets; based on this response, we will roll this capability out to a wider audience in the coming months.”

Better analytics that measure web traffic can mean more advertising revenue for the privately owned company, which is looking to go public sometime in the near future. The UK Telegraph notes that much of its advertising comes from US based companies, especially Disney, Pepsi, and Xbox.

In an effort to expand its advertising base, Twitter recently opened an advertising sales office in London, UK.


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