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The Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine Name the Top 50 Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs

September 19, 2011

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine announced today the results of their ninth annual survey that ranks the top 25 undergraduate and top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs in the nation. From the more than 2,000 programs reviewed, the number one school in the undergraduate category is the University of Houston, for the 2nd consecutive year, while Babson College retained its number one ranking in the graduate category for the 3rd year.

Ranking second and third in the undergraduate category is Babson College and Baylor University, respectively. For the graduate program category, ranking second is Brigham Young University followed by the University of Virginia in the number-three spot.

This year’s list includes newcomers University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Utah, University of Maryland-College Park, Bradley University, Texas Christian University and Oklahoma State University in the undergraduate category, while the graduate category welcomed University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Maryland-College Park, Oklahoma State University, Loyola Marymount University and University of Oregon.

In addition to teaching strong entrepreneurship fundamentals in the classroom and staffing departments with instructors who are successful entrepreneurs, criteria for the school rankings included excellence in mentorship, and providing experiential or entrepreneurial opportunities outside of the classroom.

“Behind the top ranked schools is not only a great formal classroom experience, but a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching entrepreneurship that embraces and encourages a student’s vision to build a successful business,” said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s Senior Vice President – Publisher and nationally recognized expert on college admissions.

Franek noted many of the most successful programs have also emphasized curriculum that’s not exclusively related to business. “Schools like Babson, that require students to have at least 50 percent of their course work focused on the liberal arts, are breaking the mold when it comes to preparing future entrepreneurs,” he said.

“The right education enhances and reinforces curiosity and creative thinking in entrepreneurs,” says Amy Cosper, vice president and editor in chief at Entrepreneur. “This ranking provides a unique look at top schools that offer the type of training, encouragement and direction that nurtures entrepreneurial skills. It’s an excellent resource for those interested in academics as a pathway to their goals, and it can help tremendously in the discovery process to finding the right program.”

For more information and a complete listing of the schools, go to entrepreneur.com/topcolleges or visit princetonreview.com/entrepreneur. Full details will also appear in the October issue of Entrepreneur, available on newsstands beginning today.

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        Top 25
         Undergraduate          Top 25 Graduate
         Programs                Programs
        --------------          ---------------

         University of
    1    Houston               1  Babson College
                                   Brigham Young
    2   Babson College         2   University
                                   University of
    3   Baylor University      3   Virginia
         Syracuse                  The University of
    4    University            4   Chicago
         University of             University of
         Southern                  Michigan--Ann
    5    California            5   Arbor
         Washington                Washington
         University in             University in St.
    6    St. Louis             6   Louis
         Brigham Young             University of
    7    University (UT)       7   Arizona
         University of             The University of
    8    Arizona               8   Texas at Austin
    9    University            9  Rice University
                                   University of
         University of             Southern
    10   Oklahoma             10   California
    11  Temple University     11  DePaul University
                                   The University of
         University of             North Carolina at
    12   Dayton               12   Chapel Hill
                                   Acton MBA in
    13  Drexel University     13   Entrepreneurship
         University of
    14   City                 14  Tulane University
    15  Miami University      15  Drexel University
         University of             University of
    16   Utah                 16   Washington
                                   Wake Forest
    17  DePaul University     17   University
         University of             University of
         Maryland,                 Illinois at
    18   College Park         18   Chicago
         Belmont                   University of
    19   University           19   South Florida
    20   University           20  Temple University
                                   University of
         Texas Christian           Missouri-Kansas
    21   University           21   City
         City University           University of
         of New York--             Maryland, College
    22   Baruch College       22   Park
         University of
         Wisconsin-                Oklahoma State
    23   Madison              23   University
         Oklahoma State            Loyola Marymount
    24   University           24   University
         Xavier University         University of
    25   (OH)                 25   Oregon

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