Facebook Announces New 'Timeline' Feature
September 23, 2011

Facebook Announces New ‘Timeline’ Feature


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the social network's annual developers conference in San Francisco to explain the site's new "Timeline" feature.

Timeline allows a user to post their entire life on Facebook, organized by days, months and years.

Users can scan baby pictures, upload old home movies, and load in maps to chart memorable journeys so Facebook can load everyone's life story into the system.

Members can edit the "Timeline" by erasing or adding chapters as they go.  The team at Facebook has been working on this new move for the past 12 months and Zuckerberg said they did it because people could not easily find the chats and stuff they shared from years ago.

The new feature does not come without a Facebook facelift.  The new changes will alter how and how much people share things online.

"If you look at Facebook's history, obviously they are not afraid of making change," Sean Corcoran, an analyst with Forrester Research, told the Associated Press (AP). "They have done a lot of big changes in the past and people have gotten upset. But most of the time Facebook has been right."

Timeline works like an online scrapbook, sharing important photos and text that have been shared on the social networking site throughout the years.

"This radical redesign shows Facebook isn't done becoming what it wants to become," eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson told AP. "In some respects, Google Plus almost looks dated now."

Google+ is Google Inc.'s answer to Facebook's social network.  Google publicly launched the new social network this week, which has been active through an invitation-only system for 12-weeks.

Facebook will be rolling out its new Timeline feature in the coming months. 


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