Hackers Used MySQL.com To Help Distribute Malware
September 27, 2011

Hackers Used MySQL.com To Help Distribute Malware

The website hosting the open-source MySQL was hacked on Monday to help serve up malware to Internet users.

Hackers installed JavaScript code onto MySQL.com that tricked users into updating out-of-date browsers or unlatched versions of Adobe Flash, Reader or Java on their Windows PC.

Armorize researchers said the hack caused people visiting the site to be redirected to a site to install malware using code from the Blackhole exploit kit.

Wayne Huang, Armorize's CEO, said his team has not figured out what the malicious software was designed to do. 

The security breach is the latest to affect the distribution system for a widely used piece of open-source software.

Hackers also hit MySQL.com in March this year and posted a list of usernames and passwords after their hack.


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