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Tasktop’s Mik Kersten to Share Insights Into ALM Automation and Java Build and Continuous Integration at JavaOne 2011

October 3, 2011

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

            Mik Kersten - CEO and founder of Tasktop Technologies
    WHO:    (www.tasktop.com)

            Kersten is the creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source project and
            inventor of the task-focused interface. At Tasktop he provides the
            technical vision behind Tasktop Dev for developer productivity and
            tool integration and Tasktop Sync for enterprise ALM

    WHAT:  "Future of Java Build and Continuous Integration"
            Mon., Oct. 3, 2011, 11 a.m. Pacific in Hotel Nikko -Nikko Ballroom

            Not long ago, developers built and deployed Java applications with
            brittle scripts and builds invoked from developers' desktops.
            Given the complexity of today's applications and the shift of the
            deployment destination from data center to cloud, Java build is due
            for an overhaul.  The increased roles of DevOps, Agile planning and
            Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) are putting new requirements
            on the automation needed in the modern build stack, while the rapid
            adoption of Hudson is making clear the central role of Continuous
            Integration (CI) as the hub of a Java application development and
            deployment.  This panel will debate approaches to modernizing the
            build, CI and ALM infrastructure to help scale the productivity of
            development teams and leverage the latest array of build, test and
            deployment solutions.

           "ALM Automation with Mylyn and Hudson"
           Tues., Oct. 4, 2011, noon - 1 p.m. Pacific in Parc 55 - Divisidero

            With the shift to PaaS and a new breed of open source ALM tools, the
            deployment loop of enterprise apps is going through its biggest
            transition since the creation of Java. Kersten will explore
            connecting the enterprise Java stack to cloud deployment via task-
            focused continuous integration based on Hudson. Distributed version
            control systems, code review and Agile planning, based on the
            Eclipse Mylyn interoperability platform, can be used to create a
            new level of connectivity and automation between the team and the
            running application. This talk outlines a roadmap for transforming
            productivity by connecting developers' desktops to the release, and
            automating all the steps in between, from provisioning the IDE to
            monitoring the running application.

    WHERE: JavaOne 2011 booth (#5004)
           San Francisco, CA

            Tasktop is exhibiting at JavaOne in booth #5004. For more
            information and to arrange an interview with Mik Kersten please
            contact Christie Denniston at 303-581-7760 or by email at
    INFO:   (cdenniston@catapultpr-ir.com).

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