Google's Chrome Browser Nipping At The Heels Of Firefox
October 3, 2011

Google’s Chrome Browser Nipping At The Heels Of Firefox

Google Inc.'s Chrome web browser has been gaining market share in the Internet users' choice for accessing content, according to industry tracker StatCounter.

Chrome's market share since the beginning of 2011 has seen about a 7.6 percent increase in users, taking away market share from the top dog Internet Explorer and its second-place rival Firefox.

Internet Explorer has seen its market share drop over 3 percent since the beginning of 2011, while Firefox has watched as it lost just 0.2 percentage points.

Chrome now stands at 23.6 percent of the market share, while Firefox is at 26.8 percent. 

"Chrome continues to make significant gains in the browser market going from under 4% two years ago to over 20% today," Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter, said in a statement. "Despite falling market share Internet Explorer still leads in the browser war but the next few months will be interesting to watch with Chrome and Firefox almost neck and neck."

In Ireland, Chrome surpassed Firefox in July and stands just 11 percentage points away from grabbing first place out of Internet Explorer's hands.

Apple's Safari web browser dominates the smartphone market at 54.7 percent, followed by Opera Mini at 18.5 percent and Google's Android browser at 16.3 percent.


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