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October 4, 2011

And the Verdict Is: iPhone 4s

Apple's new CEO Tim Cook made his first unveiling of a new product on Tuesday, the iPhone 4S.

Many rumors and speculations have been circulating whether Apple would launch an update to its current iPhone 4 model, or instead release a new iPhone 5 device.

The new iPhone 4S features Apple's A5 chip, dual-core graphics, and up to 7 times faster performance than the current iPhone 4.  The new device will also come equipped with Apple's Retina display which it put into its iPad 2 line. 

The iPhone 4S will be able to capture data online at a speed of up to 14.4Mbps download.  This is an upgrade from the previous model, which had 7.2 Mbps download.

The new smartphone will also have extended battery life to 8 hours of talk time.

Also, among all the other long-awaited features, the iPhone 4S will have an 8 megapixel camera built into it, which is 60 percent more pixels than the previous model's camera.

Apple announced that its new iOS 5 software will be available on October 12th for free.  This software will feature over 200 new updates, including Twitter integration.

Cook started the event in Steve Jobs fashion, wearing classy-black and opening up the media event at the Cupertino, California headquarters by spitting off numbers of how successful the company's products have been lately.

Cook said that Macs are the best selling desktop and notebook computers in the U.S., and that Apple is on its way to approaching 60 million Mac computers around the world.

He also said the company has sold over 300 million iPods since the product launched 10 years ago.

The new CEO said over 80 percent of the top hospitals in the U.S. are either testing or deploying iPads.  He said 3 out of 4 of tablet computers sold in the U.S. are iPads.

Apple also announced a new iPod nano on Tuesday, which will be accompanied by 16 new clock faces for people who choose to use it as a watch.  The new iPod nanos are now available, starting at $129 for the 8 gigabyte version and $149 for the 16-gigabyte version.

Apple also announced an updated iPod Touch with a price cut.  The new iPod Touch will start at a price of $199 for the 8 gigabyte version.

Apple announced that the 8 gigabyte iPhone 3GS will be available for free to new subscribers, and its dropped its 8 gigabyte iPhone 4 down to $99.

The iPhone 4S will be available in retail stores on October 14th and for preorder on October 7th.  The device will also now be available for Sprint subscribers.


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