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IVONA Unveils Developer Program with Free Access to iOS Text to Speech Both Cloud and Device-based

October 4, 2011

ALPHARETTA, Georgia, October 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

IVONA Software today announced that its IVONA SDK, available through
IVONA Developer Program ( http://www.ivona.com/developers), now features
support for iOS, including iPhone and iPad devices. This, together with
support for Android, MeeGo, Linux and Windows Phone 7, makes IVONA SDK
consistent, easy to use Text to Speech technology for all developers
interested in giving the top Speech User Interface experience to their apps
users. The IVONA Text to Speech is available for Developers as IVONA SDK and
IVONA Speech Cloud, which are both highly effective and responsive Speech
service with HTTP web services interface.

“Everyone can freely experience for as long as 60 days how well mobile
applications are able to talk” says Lukasz Osowski, CEO of IVONA Software.
“We are working hard to make top notch speech available for everyone.”

IVONA Text to Speech has been recently chosen as the most accurate Text
to Speech engine available, thanks to its perfect reading aloud of street
addresses, names and acronyms making it perfect for voicing in-car
navigation, SMS, emails, news and books. Unique BrightVoiceTM technology,
together with incomparable speech quality, brings the highest responsiveness
and small footprint required for the majority of modern applications taking
advantages of Speech User Interface.

IVONA’s Software own researched and developed Text to Speech technology
offers the fastest growing languages and voices portfolio of 28 voices in 11
languages currently available.

Visit http://www.ivona.com to hear IVONA voices and learn more about
making apps and devices speak.

About IVONA(R) Text To Speech

IVONA is widely recognized and awarded as the highest-quality, most
natural-sounding TTS system in the world. The IVONA suite of products
includes a wide range of specialty TTS solutions for business,
telecommunications, SaaS, mobile, and home use. IVONA develops Technology
which can be used in a wide range of applications used in business,
telecommunications, cloud services allowing companies to deliver reach
content applications. In support of its long-standing commitment to
accessibility, the Company works closely with the largest organizations
supporting blind and visually impaired people in the world, including Royal
National Institute for Blind and DAISY Consortium.

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