October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Dead At 56

Just a day after Apple announced its latest iPhone 4s, the company's co-founder and innovator of so many products, Steve Jobs, has died.

Jobs had been battling cancer since 2004 and led Apple into the development of the iMac, iPhone, iPad and many other ground breaking products.

Jobs was 56-years-old when he passed and left his job as CEO  in August due to health problems.

He founded Apple in 1976 and was also the man behind the movie company Pixar.

Jobs has been herald by many for his advances in the world of technology and has changed the way devices are implemented in our daily lives.

Apple has set up a digital memorial for fans of Steve to share their thoughts and memories. Those interested are asked to send them via email to [email protected].

A release on the Apple website states "Steve leaves behind a company only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple."

RedOrbit and it's staff will miss Jobs and the ideas he has brought to fruition in this world.  He was a respected man and his legacy will live on through us.


Image Caption: Steve Jobs 1955-2011 (Credit: Apple, Inc.)


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