Motorola Sued For Patent Infringement
October 7, 2011

Motorola Sued For Patent Infringement

In an effort to protect its intellectual property (IP) Intellectual Ventures (founded by former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvoid) is suing Motorola for patent infringement.

According to CNET, Intellectual Ventures does not create any products, but they acquire patents and license them to vendors. They claim to own about 35,000 patents, purchased for $400 million and generating more than $2 billion in licensing fees.

Chief litigation counsel Melissa Finocchio told that, “We have a responsibility to our current customers and our investors to defend our intellectual property rights against companies such as Motorola Mobility who use them without a license. Our goal continues to be to provide companies with access to our portfolio through licensing and sales, but we will not tolerate ongoing infringement of our patents to the detriment of our current customers and our business.”

The patents in question, according to the court filing, include in part “File Transfer System for Direct Transfer Between Computers”, Illumination Device and Image Projection Apparatus Comprising the Device”, and “User Station Software That Controls Transport, Storage, and Presentation of Content From a Remote Source”.

Intellectual Ventures tried to negotiate licensing fees with Motorola but was unsuccessful. Finocchio said in a statement, “Intellectual Ventures has successfully signed licensing agreements with many of the top handset manufacturer in the world, and has been in discussions with Motorola Mobility for some time. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reach agreement on a license.”

Motorola isn´t the only company in Intellectual Ventures´ crosshairs. Last December they filed three lawsuits against nine companies across the security, memory and microchip sectors, according to CNET. And other companies have filed their own lawsuits to protect their IP rights. reports that Oracle is suing Google, Apple is suing HTC and Samsung, Microsoft is suing Motorola and Barnes & Noble, these are just a few of the court actions.

CNET reports that Intellectual Ventures is also suing Google, who plans to acquire Motorola Mobility in the near future. Google, along with Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are some of the financial backers behind Intellectual Ventures. This means that if the government regulators approve the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility, then Intellectual Ventures will be suing one of their major backers.


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