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CareerFuel(TM) CEO to Host Twitter Live Chat Friday Morning Following September Unemployment Numbers

October 7, 2011

SUMMIT, N.J., Oct. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CareerFuel Founder & CEO AnnMarie McIlwain will discuss why Americans should invest $5 or more in CareerFuel Friday morning on a twitter live chat starting at 9 a.m. ET.

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“With so much information available today, people need help finding their way to what’s-right-for-me resources and inspiration,” says McIlwain. She hopes to convey how CareerFuel sees the job search process differently from what is available today and why she strongly believes CareerFuel will work by answering questions submitted ahead of time and during with the hash tag #CFChat.

“We have an extraordinary jobs crisis today complicated by a sea of bewildering information that sits between people and the jobs they need or the businesses they want to start,” said AnnMarie Quintaglie McIlwain, Founder and CEO of CareerFuel in Summit, New Jersey. “People have a hard time discerning what information is relevant, and what’s not. In addition, people need better professional networks to assist them with their careers.”

So what’s the big difference between CareerFuel and what is available right now?

The company aims to be the destination for all things pertaining to work by giving people original web shows and blogs customized to each user’s career goals, in addition to tailored job openings and vibrant professional networks–all designed to help Americans land the jobs they want and start businesses.

CareerFuel proprietary research, conducted by Horowitz Associates in 2010, indicates:

  • The job content market is broken–nearly six out of 10 adults are not happy with the job-related information available today.
  • People want video–68% of people seeking a job (whether employed or unemployed) said that a video jobs channel on TV, Internet, or cell phones would be very valuable.
  • People want help with networking–66% of those surveyed (74% among those who are unemployed or underemployed) rated access to people in their field as important to help them with their careers, the highest rated importance attribute in the survey. Most jobs are attributed to the use of networks, not job boards or classifieds–the old model.

While the founder herself has invested over $500,000 of her own savings into the company, $5 million more is needed to build the largest and most comprehensive multi-media work-related network in the country.

“If only a tiny percentage of Americans contributed $5,” said McIlwain, “CareerFuel could be up and running in as little as sixteen to twenty weeks, but that can only happen if people donate to the cause. That’s why we are launching our grassroots capital-raising campaign.”

Team members include a former executive from ESPN, and New York digital groups Click3X and Igicom –whose clients include HBO, MTV and Time Magazine.

Anyone can become part of the initiative to build the CareerFuel network by contributing to the cause at www.careerfuel.net. CareerFuel is spreading the news via social networking, the media, labor organizations and word of mouth.

“When my husband lost his job in 2009,” said McIlwain, “I saw first-hand what unemployed people go through trying to find the resources they need to hone their job-search skills, get inspired, participate in effective professional networks, find jobs, and start businesses. My experience as a consumer marketing executive with Procter & Gamble and Johnson and Johnson taught me to identify needs and solve them with effective technology. That’s what CareerFuel is all about — a big solution to a big problem.”

Why is CareerFuel taking its campaign to the people?

“Because,” said McIlwain, “venture capitalists don’t often fund startups that require expensive content and high-performance technology until they have been proven in the marketplace. New content designed to inform and motivate combined with personalized resources is a key missing piece to the job search challenge and that’s why we are asking Americans to contribute.”

To see the CareerFuel video or contribute to the project, visit www.careerfuel.net.

About CareerFuel

CareerFuel is a multi-media start up content and technology company designed to give people the personalized career-related information they need to get jobs and start businesses. When launched, CareerFuel.net will offer daily, original web shows and blogs, job listings and professional networks customized to individuals’ career goals.

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