Oracle Announces New Social Network
October 7, 2011

Oracle Announces New Cloud Social Network

Oracle Corp. announced at its OpenWorld 2011 conference that it would be implementing a new product called Oracle Public Cloud.

The company also unveiled a new social-network called the Oracle Social Network as key part of its cloud strategy.

The Oracle Public Cloud will allow companies to obtain integrated cloud-supported applications and infrastructures for their data centers. 

The new strategy will also enable IT managers with Oracle shops to deploy in quicker fashion the newest Fusion applications.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said during the event that the Oracle Social Network will become the user interface to the Oracle Public Cloud.

“The biggest change over the past few years is social networking,” Ellison said in a statement.  “Today, organizations want to connect their people, their applications, their processes and their customers. Oracle Social Network provides that; all the tools are integrated and employees can work from anywhere in the world with the devices best suited to their job.”

Companies using the cloud will be able to control access to their own sites within it and allow executives, employees, contractors, partners, customers, consultants and applicants to use the social network for business interaction.

The network will allow users to collaborate on projects, useful information and content.

The Oracle Public Cloud will allow businesses to toggle between software as a service and on-premise versions of their applications at any point after deployment.


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