October 12, 2011

Components-electronic.com: Intel Will Give up The Plan of TV Chip Business

Beijing, Oct 12, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - According to the recent research of Components-electronic.com, due to the absence of market foothold, Intel will give up its efforts to apply its processor chips in TV. Intel's spokeswoman said Intel plans to adjust the resources to sectors that focus on the development of the tablet computer chip. Intel will continue to supply chips to manufacturers of TV set-top boxes. Intel had received the orders of television set-top boxes from the largest U.S. cable company Comcast and a number of Europeantelevision service providers.

Components-electronic.com (http://www.components-electronic.com/product/) reports that, Intel's spokeswoman said it was a business decision. It will give these resources to the company's preferential business. The engineers of Intel's Digital Home Group decided to focus more on tablet PCs, smart phones and a new class of notebook computers.

The experts of Components-electronic.com analyze that While the Intel processor occupies more than 80% share of the global PC market, Intel's Atom processor has so far not pushed the PC sales grow significantly. Components-electronic.com points out that Intel has been unable to provide chips products that are significantly different from its competitors in performance. It could not convince Samsung Electronics, Sony and the other TV manufacturers to apply its chip.

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