Fake Netflix Android App Actually A Trojan
October 13, 2011

Fake Netflix Android App Actually A Trojan

According to Symantec, there is an Android app circulating that looks like the real Netflix mobile app but is actually a Trojan virus that steals account information.

The app sends the user's log-in information to a remote server and displays a message saying there is an incompatibility issue with the hardware and then attempts to uninstall itself.

"Android.Fakeneflic is a text book case of an information stealing Trojan that targets account information," Irfan Asrar of Symantec posted on the company's blog. "The malicious app is not too difficult to understand."

Symantec said the server that was receiving the stolen log-in data appeared to be offline on Thursday.

"At the time of writing this blog, it appears that the server where the data was being posted is offline," Symantec said. "Furthermore, there appears to be no attempt to verify whether the data entered by an unsuspecting user was accurate or not."

The security said that the this just goes to show that On Demand content is "not without its own demons."


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