Samsung Loses Another Court Battle Against Apple
October 17, 2011

Samsung Loses Another Court Battle Against Apple

Samsung lost another battle against Apple in the patent war on Friday in a Dutch court.

The court denied Samsung's request for an injunction against all of Apple's mobile products that use 3G telecommunications technology.

The two companies have been fighting patent battles in 10 countries involving smartphones and tablets since April.

Four patent infringement cases launched by Samsung against Apple were filed in the Netherlands alone.

A court in The Hague dismissed Samsung's claims of patent infringement by Apple on Friday, which snuffed out its attempt to ban the sale of iPhones and iPads in the Netherlands.

The court found that Samsung's 3G patents were part of essential standards which should be open to license under FRAND and that the two companies should negotiate an agreement .

The news comes as Apple just releases its newest iPhone 4S device on Friday.  However, despite the freshness of the new product, Samsung stepped up its legal battle by already adding the device to be banned in several countries.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Samsung filed for preliminary injunctions in both the Tokyo District Court and in the New South Wales Registry.

Apple has been winning the war so far in countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Apple sold over a million iPhone 4S products in just 24 hours of taking pre-orders, and some analysts believe that the company sold over 4 million of the devices over the weekend.


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