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Northern Rock Staff Star in Latest Campaign to Help Bring Mortgages to Life

October 18, 2011

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, England, October 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Northern Rock has placed its own staff in a starring role in its new
mortgage campaign. The new campaign aims to build on the success of the
helpful video guides available on its award winning mortgages website.

Two customer service agents from the lender’s Tyneside call centre are
the first to have lent themselves to the latest campaign – ‘Mortgages
[http://www.northernrock.co.uk/mortgages ] Made For You’ – by appearing in
video clips designed to bring their own warmth and personality to the
business of mortgage lending.

The videos, which feature call centre workers Leanne and Joanne, along
with some details about their own lives and circumstances, highlight not
only that the bank’s staff are there to guide borrowers through every step
of their mortgage journey, but also feature details of the lender’s popular
incentives, Cashback, and free basic valuation and standard legal costs for
all re-mortgage customers.

The move comes just months after the successful launch of the bank’s
brand campaign, ‘Works for Me’, which features real Northern Rock customers
pictured in their own homes, and is the latest improvement to a website
which has won a string of accolades since its redesign last year.

Andy Tate, Customer and Commercial Director at Northern Rock said:
“Buying a home can be stressful and daunting for anyone. Here at Northern
Rock, we regularly receive great feedback from our customers about how
friendly and warm our staff are to deal with, and how straightforward they
help make the mortgage journey.

“So, building on ‘Works for Me’, which is all about letting our
customers speak for us, we thought our dedicated colleagues in our branches
and contact centre would provide the perfect next step. After all, they are
the human face of Northern Rock, providing the first point of contact to all
our customers.

“We hope our customers will find the most recent videos, and ‘Mortgages
Made for You’, a welcome addition to the website.”

The videos can be viewed at
http://www.northernrock.co.uk/mortgages/Mortgages-Made-For-You along
with more details on the bank’s current range of mortgages and other tools
including a mortgages calculator
[http://www.northernrock.co.uk/Mortgages/Find ].

About Northern Rock:

Northern Rock plc is a bank, authorised by the FSA as a deposit taker
and mortgage lender from 1 January 2010. It offers savings accounts
[http://www.northernrock.co.uk/savings ], including an ISA
[http://www.northernrock.co.uk/savings/isas ], to customers in the UK and
Ireland and mortgage products to UK borrowers. New products are offered
through both direct channels – including a national branch network – and
mortgage intermediaries.

Northern Rock continues to operate within the compensatory measures
agreed with the EC as part of the State Aid approval announced in October

BITC Awards

In June 2011, Northern Rock was awarded a national Big Tick Award in
Business in the Community’s Awards for Excellence, in the category of
Building Stronger Communities.

The BITC Awards identify and celebrate companies having a positive
impact on the community, environment, marketplace and workplace. The Big
Tick winners demonstrate significant impact and high quality management of
their responsible business practices and can show a positive impact both on
society and on the business. Now in their 14th year, they are the UK’s
leading awards for responsible business practice. Business in the Community
stands for responsible business. More information can be found at


The Jaguar Land Rover Building Stronger Communities Award recognises
companies that are investing in the communities in which they operate and
those in greatest need, achieving sustainable impact on key social issues in
these areas.

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