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CommAgility Demonstrates Interoperability of AMC-2C6670 Card with MTI Remote Radio Head and Xilinx CPRI Core

October 27, 2011

LOUGHBOROUGH, England, Oct. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CommAgility announced today that it has successfully completed interoperability testing of its AMC-2C6670 AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) with a MTI Remote Radio Head (RRH) equipped with CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface), as well as with a Xilinx CPRI IP core.

The interoperability tests were carried out using the AIF2 interface of Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) high performance multicore solutions, the TMS320C6670 radio system-on-chip (SoC) and TMS320TCI6618 wireless base station SoC, running on the AMC-2C6670. To test with a Xilinx CPRI core, an additional AMC-V6 module from CommAgility was used with an optical SFP+ interface.

Tests were successfully completed up to the maximum DSP AIF2 data rate of 4.9152 Gbaud, which is the CPRI x8 rate. I/Q data transport was tested in various combinations including multiple channels and carrier aggregation. Vendor specific and fast C&M control channels were also tested.

CommAgility’s AMC-2C6670 AdvancedMC includes two TI C6670 SoCs. The card also provides a Xilinx LX240T Virtex-6((TM)) FPGA for additional I/O and co-processing flexibility. The AMC-2C6670-3AIF variant links 3 of the DSP AIF2 interfaces to SFP+ connectors on the module’s front panel, allowing optical or electrical connection to external RF equipment using the CPRI or OBSAI standards.

Dr. Christian Lanzani, Senior Product Manager at MTI Radiocomp, said: “CommAgility has proven that its AMC-2C6670 card is fully interoperable with our CPRI interface, which is an integral part of our RRH offering for both TD-LTE and FD-LTE markets. With instantaneous RF bandwidths in excess of 40 MHz supported by CPRI v.4.2 interface up to 9.8 Gbps our RRH platforms are suited for IMT-Advanced applications including carrier aggregation.”

Edward Young, managing director at CommAgility, said, “This successful testing proves our latest product family and demonstrates our expertise with the latest generation of DSP processors. This means that customers can use our AMC-2C6670 card with confidence in LTE systems.”

CommAgility’s DSP expertise and extensive example and library software is available to users of its telecoms and signal processing boards, helping them to bring successful designs to market quicker and more efficiently.

About CommAgility:

CommAgility is a leading manufacturer of signal processing AMC modules for wireless baseband applications, combining flexible CPRI/OBSAI antenna interfaces, the latest TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGAs, and high bandwidth on and off-card communications using Serial RapidIO and Ethernet. Customers around the world use CommAgility products to develop high performance applications in both wireless and non-wireless spaces, and recent designs include test equipment, trial systems and base stations for a wide range of wireless standards especially WiMAX, LTE and LTE Advanced.

Website: www.commagility.com
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About MTI Radiocomp:

MTI Radiocomp is a leading provider of radio heads and optical transport subsystems for next generation mobile and wireless infrastructure networks. MTI Radiocomp is the first company in the world dedicated to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art, fully software-configurable and remotely tuneable remote radio head products and subsystems. MTI Radiocomp is based in Denmark. See www.radiocomp.com

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