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Metaforic Announces Availability of MetaFortress Enterprise Edition

October 31, 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Metaforic, the innovative software security company, today announced the release of MetaFortress Enterprise, extending its powerful protection capabilities to better support companies creating software in complex distributed and parallel build environments.

Andrew McLennan, CMO and co-founder said, “The launch of MetaFortress Enterprise confirms our commitment to providing robust and scalable anti-tamper protection for critical business applications, particularly in light of the recent dramatic increase in custom malware. MetaFortress Enterprise is the latest technology advance delivered by Metaforic to responsible businesses who are ensuring tamper proofing is a standard part of every software development lifecycle.”

MetaFortress provides a solution to the crisis of failing malware scanners, spear-phishing, and crumbling perimeter defenses, delivering last mile protection against rootkits, backdoors and malware on business critical software applications. The Enterprise edition extends the standard capabilities to enable customer applications to be compiled and protected at any scale of development infrastructure. It works with proprietary build systems, open source, or commercial tools such as Incredibuild.

Neil Stewart, Metaforic CTO and co-founder, said, “In the modern development world, many software development houses have moved towards continuous integration, and massively parallel build farms, which can reduce build times by an order of magnitude, significantly improving developer productivity. As more customers have been adopting MetaFortress across multiple industries, we found that it was time to extend our standalone protection toolkit with a robust enterprise development version, making it easy to slipstream into large-scale, high-performance systems.”

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About Metaforic

Metaforic was founded in 2006, and has operations in the USA, EU and Japan. The flagship product line, MetaFortress, protects virtually any software from subversion, theft, tampering or other corruption. MetaFortress is proven in millions of deployed instances, from consumer software to business devices. Users of MetaFortress find it is easy to apply, has near-zero runtime impact, and defends their software from the inside out.

Further information is available at Metaforic’s website www.metaforic.com.

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