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Play in the Cloud Building Unique Applications, Games and More With CyberMedia WorldCast, Inc.’s Revolutionary ‘oTakhi’ Platform

November 1, 2011

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — There’s no question that people everywhere love Legos. Mixing and matching the various, colorful pieces to create whatever the mind can imagine is downright addictive and fun. And that’s the very thinking behind CyberMedia WorldCast, Inc.’s latest innovation, oTakhi, a new platform giving users the power to create Web/desktop hybrids and 3D games by combining Lego-like, shared objects in the cloud. Specifically, oTakhi (http://www.otakhi.com) lets members build countless, customized Web applications by mixing and mashing the contents from different Internet domains and/or provided by other oTakhi members with drag-and-drop ease.

“Just like with real Legos, users can make whatever they wish by using their choice of components, or what we call ‘droplets,’ which contain smaller elements called ‘molecules,’” says Steve Lu, CEO of CyberMedia WorldCast Inc. “The droplets’ behaviors are programmed and then directed by the molecules. They may be shared with anyone in the oTakhi community, and combined to build unique ‘formations,’ or webpages. Then those multiple formations become the basis for custom-made, highly unique applications. And virtually anything is possible because you control the formations by developing the components and their behaviors.”

With oTakhi, it’s also possible to control other exciting aspects and features. For instance, oTakhi activities, such as organizing source media materials from the Web and desktop, are managed within a secure space or “vault.” Each oTakhi member can modify the read/write access control lists associated with files and folders within the vault, plus design and engage in community-centric activities through buddy lists, group features, secure messaging and real-time chat spaces.

Additionally, oTakhi lets you bookmark and categorize shared applications and launch any managed applications as stand-alone applications. By extracting what’s wanted from the Web or shared apps, you can develop totally original websites or applications — your colorful “Lego” formation in the cloud.

“This is truly a revolutionary innovation, considering it enables members to organize and transform the Web into a private collection of semantic objects that can be shared and combined to make applications in a hierarchical fashion,” Lu says. “Core to this process is a set of molecules providing the underlying technologies, including everything from the Flash and QuickTime molecules to the Text/HTML molecule, Google Map molecule and many others. Even better, all that’s needed to get started is access to the Web.”

oTakhi is debuting as a Windows-only platform, although it’s being developed for both MacOS and UNIX operating systems. It’s available at http://www.otakhi.com, and new oTakhi members receive 20MB of free storage space.

About CyberMedia WorldCast, Inc.

CyberMedia WorldCast, Inc. is an information technology company that specializes in information security and multi-media content delivery over the Web. oTakhi Platform is its flagship product, which aims to revolutionize how Web applications are developed, distributed, and consumed.

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