Google Unveils New Look and Feel for GMail
November 2, 2011

Google Unveils New Look And Feel For GMail

Google unveiled a new look and feel to its popular GMail service this week. The upgrades will be changed for everyone soon, but there is the option to switch immediately.

Accord to the AFP news agency, Jason Cornwell a Google user experience designer said, “We´re excited to finally share Gmail´s new look with you. We´ll be bringing these changes to everyone soon. But if you´d like to make the switch right away, we´re rolling out a ℠Switch to the new look´ link in the bottom right corner of Gmail over the next few days.”

Some of the changes to Gmail include a new layout making a “conversation view” in order to help keep track of who says what in emails. Google will also include improved search tools for mailboxes. In the new layout for the inbox, users will see limited versions of messages with user icons on the left side of the page, so the user can see who initiated the message.

A new change to the layout of the inbox includes what Google calls “Elastic Density”. This is the ability of the user to change how crowded the messages appear on the screen. The distance between the lines can be changed to make fewer lines per page or the opposite with more lines per page, with the ranges of the spaces being Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact.

Gmail is also adding more eye-candy to their website. They are including new HD themes, available through the settings menu.

Another change is that users will be able to control what ads they see. Ads will be personalized to the individual user. The user's search history and geographical location will be used to locate more precise advertising

Susan Wojcicki, a Google advertising senior vice president said, “If you don´t wish to see personalized ads, the choice is yours. Over the coming weeks, we´re making improvements to provide greater transparency and choice regarding the ads you see on Google search and Gmail.”


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