Anonymous Exposes Almost 200 Internet Child Pedophiles
November 3, 2011

Anonymous Exposes Almost 200 Internet Child Pedophiles

The notorious hacking group Anonymous said on Wednesday that it published the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of nearly 200 visitors to child pornography forums.

The hacking group said in a statement that it was exposing the IP addresses as part of a campaign it called "Operation Darknet."

Most of the IP addresses of visitors to child port sites exposed by Anonymous were in the U.S., but some were also located in Europe, Latin America and other areas.

Anonymous claimed it captured the IP addresses of visitors to child porn forums by tricking users into downloading a fake update to software that can be used to obscure an Internet user's identity.

An IP address is a unique number used by every device connected to the Internet. 

The hacking group said it captured the addresses of the 190 visitors to child porn forums during a 24-hour period last week.

Anonymous also recently shut down at least 40 websites, accounting for over 100 gigabytes of data, that were related to child pornography.

The group said referring to the server hosting child pornography websites that it was appalled at the site for "openly supporting child pornography and enabling pedophiles to view innocent children, fueling their issues and putting children at risk of abduction, molestation, rape, and death."

It said: "For this, Freedom Hosting has been declared #OpDarknet Enemy Number One“¦we will continue to not only crash Freedom Hosting's server, but any other server we find to contain, promote, or support child pornography."