Time Warner Customers Experience Nationwide Internet Outage
November 7, 2011

Time Warner Customers Experience Nationwide Internet Outage

Time Warner has announced that its customers from New York to Texas experienced an Internet outage on Monday morning.

The outage was reported by customers sometime after 6:00 a.m. pacific time, but the issue has since been resolved.

"We appear to be recovering from a large but brief internet outage affecting most of our service areas," Time Warner Cable said on its customer service Twitter page.

The company has not confirmed exactly what caused the outage, but a spokesman for Time Warner tweeted that it is "still investigating the cause and scope of the outage."

Some reports, including a statement by hosting provider Phyber Communications, said that the event was caused by a bug in Juniper routers that corrupted border gateway protocol tables.

“This outage has affected other networks running Juniper routers with the majority of them seeing their devices core dump and reload," Phyber Communications said in a status report.

A "core dump" happens when a device experiences a serious error that causes it to lose the contents in its main memory. 

Once this takes place, routers must reboot with little or no warning, which can create problems for networks that rely on them.

"This morning, Juniper learned of a Border Gateway Protocol edge router issue that affected a small percentage of customers," Juniper Executive Vice President Mark Bauhaus said in a statement. "A software fix is available, and we've been working with our customers to immediately deploy the fix."


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