See America In Five Minutes
November 10, 2011

See America In Five Minutes

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A freelance photographer drove 12,225 miles across America to create a time lapse video that lasts only five minutes.

Brian DeFrees took a two month road trip across the U.S. to visit places he had never been to and to catch up with relatives along the way.

"I wanted to inspire people to go out and take a trip of their own, whether they live in the U.S. or not- there are a lot of parts of it that you haven't seen then hopefully you'll go out and see," DeFrees, 25, told MailOnline.

He started his journey on August 8 in his hometown of Syracuse, New York, heading south along the east coast.

He continued his trip heading west along the Gulf of Mexico before meeting up with historic Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas.

He said he saw his first snowfall of the season in Point's Pike, Colorado Springs.

DeFrees returned to Syracuse on October 1 after driving though 32 states in 55 days.

He snapped a photo every five seconds during his adventure, turning each of the shots into a two and a half hour long video.

DeFrees then spent two weeks editing the video, shortening it to five minutes and 14 seconds.

"It was nice to stay in one place when I got back, but as soon as I got back I thought of all the places I didn't see," Mr DeFrees told MailOnline.

"I already plan on doing it a few more times in my life."


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