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Explore Anywhere Holding Corp. Announces Keylogger PRO 2012 Product

November 10, 2011

WABASH, Ind., Nov. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Explore Anywhere Holding Corp. (OTC/BB: EAHC), specializing in offering computer monitoring solutions for parents, corporations, and educational facilities, today announced the re-introduction of its “Keylogger PRO” brand. Both Keylogger PRO 2012 and Spybuddy® 2012 became available for sale and immediate digital download on the Company’s website www.ExploreAnywhere.com on November 5, 2011.

Keylogger PRO 2012 is a computer monitoring product that offers customers the ability to record both keystrokes typed and screenshots. All recorded data is viewable remotely through the ExploreAnywhere Customer Account. The Company believes that this new product offering will entice customers who do not want Spybuddy’s more comprehensive feature set or those customers who are looking for computer monitoring software at a lower price point.

Additionally, the Company believes it is important to note the following regarding the release of both Spybuddy® 2012 and Keylogger PRO 2012: Spybuddy® 2012 is intended to completely replace Spybuddy® 2009, the Company will no longer offer or support Spybuddy® 2009. Both Spybuddy® 2012 and Keylogger PRO 2012 share the same software code, whereas the two are technically the same product, but where Keylogger PRO 2012 has most of the Spybuddy® 2012 features disabled. Both products are offered at new price points, Spybuddy® 2012 is initially being offered at $59.99 USD (increased from Spybuddy® 2009′s $49.95 USD) and Keylogger PRO 2012 is initially being offered at $29.99 USD.

Both products are being offered under terms representing a different business model than has previously been offered for these products – they are both now being offered as subscription products with a one-year license. Customers who wish to continue using either product beyond a year from their purchase date must agree to be re-billed at their original cost. The remote viewing capabilities of both products requires the Company to maintain server space to store customer recorded data. As a result, the Company will incur additional support costs as well as additional variable costs per customer. However, these costs cannot yet be estimated and may only be known at a future date if the Company ever achieves a yet undetermined volume of customers.

Bryan Hammond, Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Explore Anywhere Holding Corp. commented, “We are very excited to re-introduce Keylogger PRO as we believe that its narrower range of features and lower price point will appeal to customers who do not need or desire Spybuddy’s more comprehensive set of monitoring features. Also, the fact that Keylogger PRO 2012 uses the same code base as Spybuddy® 2012 is the first example of what we hope will be a successful plan to eventually offer many Company products all with different feature sets and different price points with little additional development by using the same code base.”

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Explore Anywhere specializes in computer monitoring solutions for parents, corporations, and educational facilities. Explore Anywhere’s mission is to provide effective and useful computer monitoring products at affordable prices in an effort to cut down on the dangers of the Internet and the greater community at large. Its solutions implement leading technologies designed to address a range of emerging online threats.

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