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Google Reportedly Has Top Secret Lab

November 14, 2011

According to a report by the New York Times, Google has a secret product lab called Google X that creates mysterious products.

The report cited people familiar with the situation as saying that the labs are run “as mysteriously as the C.I.A.”

The Google engineer said the lab has two offices, a nondescript one for logistics and one for robots at a secret location.

The New York Times said that the lab is largely filled with robotics engineers, and the type of projects are not the sort of thing the company will be releasing any time soon.

The report said Google has hired robotic and electrical engineers from Microsoft, Nokia Labs, Stanford, M.I.T., Carnegie Mellon and New York University.

The sources said that Google X is developing projects like space elevators, driverless cars and Internet-enabled household devices.

The report said that the space elevator the company is working on is a simple idea that involves using a giant platform that tows anything and everything up a tremendous cable to a platform orbiting at a fixed location around Earth.

One source told The New York Times that Google is considering manufacturing driverless cars in the U.S. because it is unimpressed by the innovative spirit of Detroit automakers.

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