Apple Releases iTunes Match
November 16, 2011

Apple Releases iTunes Match

Apple released its iTunes Match music subscription service on Monday, five months after the company announced it.

The new service allows a user to access all the music in their iTunes library, even if it is pirated music, from their iPhone, iPad or other Apple device.

With iTunes Match, users with poor sound quality MP3s can have access to a higher quality version through Apple's cloud service.

The downside of the service, for some users, is that it wipes out the music currently on an iPhone or iPad.  However, it frees up the space that had been used for music, and allows a user to access up to 25,000 songs through cloud computing.

The service is available to users for $24.99 a year and requires the latest iTunes in order for it to work.

Apple first announced the service back in June, and it originally said that it would be available by the end of October.  Developers have been using the service since late August, but Apple did not make it available to the public until yesterday.


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