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MCS Expands Its Litigation Support Outsourcing Solutions

November 16, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — MCS Management Services, a leading nationwide provider of on-site business support, is proud to announce the expansion of its litigation support services. MCS will now offer its in-house litigation support services as a managed service, virtual cloud service, or a combination of the two to help streamline data management for law firms and corporate legal departments.

MCS Management Services’ proven track record as a managed service provider, combined with its expertise in the fields of computer forensics, early case assessment (ECA), electronically stored information (ESI) productions, and repository services, provides a unique and cost effective service delivery unmatched by other providers.

The concentrated effort of deploying both on-site personnel and off-site technology resources greatly reduces the investment in company infrastructure and alleviates the resources associated with qualifying and staffing these necessary roles. Organizations can leverage MCS’ qualified on-site personnel, who will operate cloud-based technology resources which are very costly for individual firms to own and operate.

Organizations that don’t necessarily require MCS personnel on-site, or need an extension of their current department’s function, can take advantage of other MCS cloud services. Off-site MCS teams that consist of dedicated data analysts and project managers remotely manage case data, from collections to trial, without having to operate within the firm’s walls. Additional elements of MCS cloud resources include shared use of popular e-Discovery tools, such as Catalyst and kCura Relativity® for repository hosting, Venio FPR(TM) for early data assessment and first pass review, and IPRO eCapture for processing ESI data.

Both models are fit for firms and legal departments of all sizes, and provide budgetary certainly in two options: an on-demand, pay-for-what-you-use model associated with the MCS cloud resources, or a contract for the complete managed service.

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MCS Management Services is a leading provider of on-site business support services, including mail center operations, shipping and receiving, records management, in-house litigation support, document and print management, managed print services, and related professional services. Organizations throughout the legal and corporate markets turn to MCS to reduce operating costs, streamline operations, and enhance internal service levels. Partnering with MCS puts the experience and integrity of our proven professionals in place to manage and optimize your mission-critical support functions. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.mcsmanagement.com.

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