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RECON Dynamics Introduces Service to Treasure Valley, Idaho

November 17, 2011

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RECON Dynamics (www.recondynamics.com), a leading provider of location and telemetry services technology, announced today the launch of service in the greater Treasure Valley area.

With the use of this technology, local businesses can track the location and performance of their most valuable assets with greater ease and precision than ever before.

For example, businesses can pinpoint lost laptops, universities can provide additional safety systems for students and faculty, construction companies can keep track of tools, industrial manufacturers can monitor their production process and hotels will even be able to prevent theft.

“Previously, the inherent limitations of today’s satellite and cellular networks made existing tracking and telemetry capabilities either impractical or uneconomical for several desired applications,” said Perry Satterlee, RECON Chief Executive Officer. “I believe RECON Dynamics is well positioned to meet the customer demand for enhanced tracking and monitoring solutions. With RECON, remote storage units will alert you if its door is opening when you’re not there, a commercial refrigeration unit will send an alarm if it’s temperature is too warm, and a work vehicle will report it’s current location or that it’s overdue for servicing. Our system delivers to businesses and individuals critical information about the health and location of their assets.”

RECON Dynamics’ unique tracking and telemetry solutions offer excellent indoor and outdoor coverage, extraordinary battery life, and are coupled with extremely low-cost end user devices. This results in unsurpassed performance for location and telemetry services.

Boise Mayor, David Bieter, is excited about having RECON at work in Treasure Valley. “To maintain our economic prosperity and our high quality of life, we must support and invest in new technologies such as RECON Dynamics’ innovative new product,” Mayor Bieter said. “Boise is delighted to be RECON’s first market; we wish them great success and encourage local businesses to explore how RECON’s location technology tools can improve efficiency and save money.”

Unlike many types of location technology, RECON allows you to monitor assets located both inside and outside from your computer, cell phone, or both. The small sensors can attach to most assets, enabling them to communicate remotely in addition to providing location data.

“It’s a tremendous leap forward,” says General Manager, Darin Kercher. “This technology is easy to set up, and much more affordable than most other location and telemetry solutions. We’re providing business information that until now, was either unavailable, difficult or expensive to acquire… information that will enhance the effectiveness of almost all businesses.”

To contact a local RECON specialist, call 208.473.2214 or email info@recondynamics.com.

About RECON Dynamics

Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, RECON Dynamics is a leading developer of next-generation, terrestrial based technologies for remote tracking, monitoring and control services. In the past, technology has limited location-based and telemetry services to a few vertical segments. RECON Dynamics delivers high-performance technology at low cost, meaning radically enhanced remote tracking and monitoring capabilities are now available to a wide range of industries. The end result is a transformation of the way companies track and monitor assets and crucial business activity. All this through one company–and one simple service that’s easy to establish within existing business systems.

Press Contact:
Darin Kercher
General Manager
RECON Dynamics


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