200 Million Android Devices Activated To Date
November 19, 2011

200 Million Android Devices Activated To Date

More than 200 million Android smartphones and other devices have been activated worldwide, representatives announced as part of the Google Music press conference on Wednesday.

According to Eric Zeman of InformationWeek and Raven Lovecraft of TG Daily, that means the amount of devices running on the operating system has doubled during a six month period. The Menlo Park, California-based company also announced that approximately 55,000 new Android handsets were being activated each day, both Zeman and Lovecraft reported.

The reporters had different reactions to learning that last piece of information, though.

Lovecraft called it "almost uncharted growth for a software platform that didn't even exist three years ago," adding that the numbers "only continue to grow and astound" in what she calls "typical Google fashion."

"Android is the leading smartphone platform in the world, capturing a majority of the market. Until now, no one has managed to grab more than 50% of smartphone customers since the days when few people understood what 'smartphone' actually meant," the TG Daily reporter added. "With this kind of momentum, it's hard to see how Android would not just keep growing and dominating the market“¦ Android is king and there is no dethroning in sight."

Zeman, on the other hand, says that "while Android's growth is no doubt impressive, there's an even more interesting caveat at play here," noting that the activation rate of 550,000 Android handsets each day was "the same rate at which Google was activating Android smartphones back in July."

"What's going on here? Has Android's meteoric growth suddenly come to a halt?" he asked. "Taking the growth rate over the last 22 months into account and projecting it from July to December led many to believe that Google would be activating 1 million Android handsets each day before the end of the year“¦ Instead, the growth rate has flat-lined."

However, in his November 17 article, the InformationWeek reporter said that that was not a totally unexpected result. Not only had the overall growth rate of the smartphone market slowed down during the past two years, but the growth rate of the Android platform "would have been impossible to maintain indefinitely. It had to reach a ceiling eventually, and it appears as though it has."

In comparison, Zeman reports that Apple's iOS devices only see an average of 210,000 daily activations.


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