Mac Market Share Reaches 15-Year High
November 21, 2011

Mac Market Share Reaches 15-Year High

Apple's Macintosh computers have captured a 5.2% share of the global PC market -- a 15-year high for the Cupertino, California-based company, according to various media reports.

According to Josh Ong of, the milestone is a result of "strong gains" in Asia Pacific. Investors were first informed of the Mac's third-quarter 2011 success from Needham & Company, LLC analyst Charlie Wolf on Wednesday.

Ong also adds that the growth of the Mac increased 24.6% compared to just 5.3% for the entire PC market, making it the 22nd straight quarter that Apple's computer product grew at a more rapid pace than the personal computer market as a whole.

Additionally, Andrea Chang of the Los Angeles Times reports that Macs outpaced the total market 25.6% to 4% in homes and 43.7% to 4.8% in businesses. However, it did not perform as well in the educational or government sectors, according to Ong.

"The company posted just 2.9 percent growth in Mac shipments to education customers for the quarter, compared to 16.9 percent for the PC market," he said. "Meanwhile, government was the only area where Apple saw a decline in Mac shipments, though the drop was just 0.6 percent."

One of the reasons attributed to the poor performance among schools and universities was, ironically, another Apple product: the iPad. The company reports that in June, sales of their tablet computer surpassed those of the Mac in the K-12 educational market.

Geographically, Wolf said that Asia Pacific was the fastest-growing region for Apple, with overall business there increasing by over 57%.

"The growth of Apple's sales in China represents a perfect storm between an iconic brand and a rapidly growing middle class that's more brand-conscious than consumers in most other regions of the globe," the analyst said, according to Chang.

"More impressively, the growth in Mac shipments in the past year represented 20% of the growth in worldwide PC shipments," he added, according to Apple Insider. In fact, the analyst told Ong that in September 2011, Apple shipped more Macs than they had during any full calendar year prior to 2006.


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