Hackers Target AT&T Mobile Customers
November 22, 2011

Hackers Target AT&T Mobile Customers

AT&T Inc. said on Monday that the online accounts of a small number of its mobile customers had been targeted by an organized cyber attack that was ultimately unsuccessful.

The Dallas-based company said the hackers used automated programs to attempt to link mobile phone numbers and account log-in credentials, which they hoped to use to access customer accounts on AT&T's website.

No accounts were breached, and the attacks affected less than one percent of AT&T´s mobile subscribers.  However, the company said it is investigating the source and intent of the attempted attack, and is advising the account holders involved "out of an abundance of caution."

“We recently detected an organized and systematic attempt to obtain information on a number of AT&T customer accounts, including yours,” wrote AT&T in an e-mail to customers.

“We do not believe that the perpetrators of this attack obtained access to your online account or any of the information contained in that account.”

AT&T said the hacking attempt used auto script technology to “determine whether AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts.”

Earlier Monday, AT&T customers in the northeastern U.S. were hit with a three-hour wireless data outage, but the company said it was not related to the attempted cyber attack.


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