Facebook, HTC Making Smartphone Codenamed 'Buffy'
November 22, 2011

Facebook, HTC Making Smartphone Codenamed ‘Buffy’

According to recent reports, Facebook seems to be working on a smartphone of its own in corporation with mobile manufacturer HTC.

AllThingsD reported that the device, codenamed "Buffy", will run on a revised version of Google Android, similar to how Amazon has utilized a unique version of the operating system on its Kindle Fire tablet.

The report said that Facebook has tweaked Android heavily to integrate the social network on the device, as well as add supports HTML5 as a platform for applications.

The technology blog said that the phone could be available in 18 months.  It also said that Facebook considered using Samsung as the manufacturer.

The company is using its Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor to lead the project.  It would not be the first phone that Facebook was integrated on.

HTC smartphones Salsa and ChaCha are current phones that utilize a dedicated button to access Facebook.

Facebook has over 350 million active mobile users and is among one of the most popular apps smartphone users have downloaded.


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