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Telcordia to Participate in Request for Information Issued by FCC as Part of Local Number Portability Administration (LNPA) Procurement Process

November 23, 2011

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Nov. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Telcordia, a global leader in the development of mobile, broadband and enterprise communications software and services, will participate in a Request for Information (RFI) issued recently by the North American Portability Management, LLC, the North American Numbering Council and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“Telcordia fully supports the process that has been put in place by the FCC to create a strong industry LNPA selection working group that comprises wireless, wireline and cable carriers, state regulators, and the North American Portability Management, LLC, and will be overseen by the North American Numbering Council,” said Joel Zamlong, Vice President, Telcordia North American Number Portability business. “We look forward to participating in this competitive procurement process with our world-leading number portability clearinghouse solutions and expertise.”

“Multi-vendor competition will result in the introduction of innovation in technology and services to the Number Portability Administration Center, as well as a reduction in the costs for consumers and wireless carriers that have escalated since its introduction in 1997,” said Zamlong.

As concluded by Dr. William Rogerson, Professor of Economics at Northwestern University and former Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission, in his September 13, 2011 whitepaper, “An Economic Analysis of Competitive Procurement Process Design Options for NPAC Services,” naming multiple LNPA vendors will have the highest cost reduction and innovation impact for the industry over the next contract term and beyond.

Telcordia’s global experience is evident with solutions being selected for number portability deployments in countries around the world, including: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Greece, UAE and South Africa.

For more information on Telcordia Number Portability solutions, visit www.telcordia.com/np. For more information about Telcordia, visit www.telcordia.com.

For more information about the white paper authored by Dr. Rogerson, see the Telcordia NPAC information portal at www.telcordia.com/npac.

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Telcordia, a global leader in the development of mobile, broadband and enterprise communications software and services, enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs), enterprises, suppliers and governments to successfully deploy innovative and advanced services that help our clients realize operational efficiencies, drive revenue, and maintain a competitive edge. As the industry’s go-to expert for solving the most complex communications challenges, Telcordia is known for getting it right the first time and for having the depth of expertise to fully understand our customers’ situation, respond appropriately, and deliver as promised. Telcordia has globally trusted expertise in software and services to meet the needs of customers and partners, including, consulting, next-generation OSS, network and application interconnection, service delivery and charging solutions, industry research and new technology development. Telcordia is headquartered in Piscataway, N.J., with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America. (www.telcordia.com).

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