Microsoft Developing Kinect For Windows
November 24, 2011

Microsoft Developing Kinect For Windows

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it is working on making the Kinect controller for its Xbox 360 work with its Windows operating system.

The company said its team is making improvements to the Software Development Kit for Kinect to add functionality that "Windows developers and Microsoft customers have been asking for."

Microsoft said that companies exploring commercial uses of Kinect want to "operate with the assurance of support and future innovation from Microsoft."

"We´ve been captivated by the countless creative ways companies worldwide envision how their businesses and industries can be revolutionized with Kinect, and are proud to be helping those companies to explore the profound implications NUI has for the future," Craig Eisler, General Manager for Kinect for Windows, said in a statement.

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a device that latches on to the motion of a users body, enabling someone to use their own body movements to be a remote control for the gaming console.

The company said that Kinect for Windows would differ from that of its gaming console by introducing a shorter USB cable, and also shortening the depth it views a user at.

The "Near Mode" will enable users to get up close to the device, unlike the Kinect for Xbox 360, which requires the full body to be used as a remote.

"This is one of the most requested features from the many developers and companies participating in our Kinect for Windows pilot program and folks commenting on our forums, and we´re pleased to deliver this, and more, at launch," Eisler said in a statement.


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