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Cable&Wireless Worldwide Trusted Partner for Police National Network

November 24, 2011

LONDON, November 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

NPIA [http://www.npia.police.uk/en/10511.htm ] and Cable&Wireless
Worldwide [http://www.cw.com ] have agreed to take the Police National
Network (PNN) Framework Arrangement to its full term. Originally designated
by the Home Office as a replacement to the fixed network used to access the
Police National Computer, the current version is known as PNN3 and has been
operational since November 2006.

Cable&Wireless Worldwide, a leading provider of mission critical
communications, has run the PNN Framework since its inception in the early
1990s. The current arrangement will run until 31st October 2013, which is
seven years since the original PNN3 Framework Arrangement was signed, and
will be worth an estimated GBP105 million in the course of its full term.

The PNN3 Framework Arrangement allows C&W Worldwide to supply managed
voice, data, video, internet and hosting services to all police forces in
the UK, as well as major departments and local councils in the wider
criminal justice community. These services enable the secure transmission of
data between police forces, criminal justice and police-related agencies.

PNN3 offers a common communications platform capable of meeting the
information exchange requirements of the police force. The framework ensures
that all forces and agencies are working to the same robust levels of
security so that police data is not compromised. Services which are accessed
or provided via PNN3 include:

        - Police National Computer (PNC): a national information
          system which holds details of people, vehicles, crimes and property that
          can be electronically accessed by the police and other criminal justice
        - The National DNA Database (NDNAD)
        - Managed Video Conferencing: internal and force-to-force or
          force-to-agency communications
        - ViSOR: a UK-wide system used to store and share information and
          intelligence on those individuals who have been identified as posing a
          risk of serious harm to the public.
        - Accelerated Package (AP): a mobile data solution for UK police
          forces, providing interfaces with national and local systems via a
          handheld device, such as a BlackBerry or PDA, allowing officers to send,
          receive, access and update vital information while out on patrol.
        - Video ID Parade: a virtual private network which provides a
          national database of electronically recorded images of volunteers that
          are used in identity parades. Viper suites, located in police stations,
          in over 100 locations across the UK have access to this database.
        - Police National Database (PND): a national system which allows
          all UK police forces to collaborate more efficiently, sharing and
          directly accessing local information on a national basis for the
          detection and prevention of crime.
        - IDENT1 WAN: a Wide Area Network for the National Fingerprint
          Database, providing the Police service in England, Scotland and Wales
          the ability to perform a search on a fingerprint identification system,
          and the capability to search palm prints and marks.
        - ANPR Connectivity: the Automatic Number Plate Recognition
          cameras read vehicle number plates using optical character recognition
          software. The strategic aim of the police service in using ANPR is to
          target criminals on the roads. The ANPR Programme also works with the
          Olympic Delivery Authority to ensure ANPR makes a major contribution to
          the London 2012 Olympic Games security operation.

Critically, this framework agreement also builds on the Memorandum of
Understanding C&W Worldwide signed with the Government in September last
year, as PNN3 will deliver a guaranteed GBP1.1 million to the PNN3 User
Community per annum in savings as a minimum. PNN3 therefore can provide
significant cost savings through economies of scale.

Sue Moffatt, NPIA head of Commercial and Procurement said:
“Communication is the lifeblood of the police service. It is essential that
the police service can communicate seamlessly and consistently across the
criminal justice system. PNN3 provides a safe and secure network for police
officers to store, send, access and record information some of which could
provide crucial evidence in an investigation.

“This agreement is also another good example of how the Police can look
to provide more for less to ensure frontline officers are supported.”

Brian Woodford, Managing Director of Public Sector and Partners,
Cable&Wireless Worldwide, says: “With our extensive, highly resilient and
secure network, we’re a trusted partner for UK Government. We’ve delivered
the Police National Network service for over 15 years, which is testament to
the fact we work closely with our customers to fulfil regional, local and
national requirements. Our wealth of experience in this sector ensures we
can facilitate greater communication between forces and secure access to
centralised data. The framework makes interoperability easier whilst driving
cost efficiencies, and we’re delighted to take the framework to its full
term. ”

About Cable&Wireless Worldwide

Cable&Wireless Worldwide is a leading global telecoms company providing
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Internationally, Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s global next-generation
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global cable systems, enabling connectivity to 153 countries. The Group’s
IP-based Multi-Service Platform operates across the NGN, offering a single
environment on which voice and data applications can be converged to drive
business efficiencies. Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s network is uniquely
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With more than 6,200 colleagues globally, Cable&Wireless Worldwide is
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