Despite Reports, Best Buy Says It Is Not Canceling PlayBook Orders

November 29, 2011

After reports of Best Buy yanking Research In Motion’s PlayBook out of its tablet lineup, the company quickly came back to say that it had only ran out of the devices and it plans on getting more.

Various media reports claimed that Best Buy took the PlayBook off its site and that the company cancelled its orders.

However, CNET reported that it has just sold out of the tablet during the Black Friday promotion, after reducing the price to $199.99.

The company told CNET that it plans to get additional units in the “near future, ” and that they could be purchased online.

The PlayBook was not the only hot-selling tablet during the holiday weekend, Amazon reported that its Kindle family quadrupled its sales compared to a year ago.

The device was originally being sold for $499, but the $300 discount helped it fly off the virtual shelves at Best Buy’s site so fast that various media outlets assumed the company had taken the RIM line-up out of its site completely.

Research In Motion is also offering the same $199 deal as Best Buy did, and currently the only models available at Best Buy are refurbished ones starting at $149.

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Source: RedOrbit Staff & Wire Reports

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