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Alarm via IP Phone

November 29, 2011

MUNICH and HALLBERGMOOS, Germany, November 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

The Swiss commune Oberwil is working with a central, easy and reliable alarm system
management via IP phones now, without additional installation and operation costs. Using
“AND Phone Broadcast” every employee receives an information as soon as the alarm system
is activated. This way false alarms can be avoided outside regular business hours.

In the past the fixed activation of the security system at predefined times turned out
to be not very feasible since due to the variable business hours the risk of false alarms
was preprogrammed. Therefore about 100 commune employees should have been given the
possibility to deactivate the alarm system if needed and to reschedule the activation to
avoide false alarms. Moreover the integration of the alarm system should have been done
without additional installation and operation costs.

“AND Phone Broadcast” in combination with the “ANDTEK Application Server” (APAS)
provides for a two-way communication between IP phone users and alarm system. This ANDTEK
solution is connected with the Cisco Unified Communcation Manager via the IP network.
Simultaneously the communal alarm system is made IP compatible by means of an I/O module.

The ANDTEK solution receives a corresponding status message via the I/O module as soon
as the alarm system is activated. Then sends a corresponding announcement respektively
paging to all assigned IP phones.

Thus every employee still residing in the communal building gets a message about the
activation. Provided that they are authorized – they now have the possibility to
reschedule the system activation via hot key in the web-based “AND Phone” interface.

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